What Did Your School Get Wrong?

American Schools get a lot of things wrong. Sure, it's easy to make a few minor mistakes, but once we get into
more complex topics, a lot of errors in what schools teach get revealed. It's troubling to say the
least - how do sort out what's true and what's false? That's what this website is for - figuring out
just what your school got wrong. All you have to do is enter the decade you graduated in, and read along!

Enter Your High School Graduation Decade

20th https://www.britannica.com/topic/atom


This website was made by me, Mira Lazine - a freelance journalist and (very!) amateur programmer.
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This website was inspired directly by the following tweet.

A tweet that says Website idea: you input the year you graduated high school and the website generates a list of outdated facts and concepts you were taught in school that have since been disproven